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No Time Wasted!

Woke up this morning with a plan. Unexpectedly, Mother Nature decided that she wanted it to rain.  This may not sound bad, but for vendor events this is actually a scary sight. A rained out event means: low foot traffic which turns into less $$$.  At this point, I knew that I had to come up with a PLAN B, fast! Most would say they are no longer going to attend their event because they don't want to be disappointed.  BoujeeVibes would say Time is MONEY! Yes, I said it & I also decided to pack my things to attend my vendor event. Once my booth was set up, I instantly started working on website content.  So, when I say...

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Turn It Up!

Ladies! We are always looking for ways to get our business in front of new customers. It is important that we are branching out to different horizons to show off your brand and what you stand for. This summer, we have participated in over 50 vendor events. Yes, that's right! BoujeeVibes get's to the money each and every weekend. Promotion for the flyer of each event is posted on all social media platforms, new inventory cops are accounted for and a BoujeeVibe when it's SHOWTIME. If you haven't participated in any of your local vendor events... What are you waiting on?  *Tip of the day: Do YOUR OWN Research!

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