No Time Wasted!

No Time Wasted!

Woke up this morning with a plan. Unexpectedly, Mother Nature decided that she wanted it to rain. 

This may not sound bad, but for vendor events this is actually a scary sight. A rained out event means: low foot traffic which turns into less $$$. 

At this point, I knew that I had to come up with a PLAN B, fast! Most would say they are no longer going to attend their event because they don't want to be disappointed. 

BoujeeVibes would say Time is MONEY!

Yes, I said it & I also decided to pack my things to attend my vendor event. Once my booth was set up, I instantly started working on website content. 

So, when I say Time is MONEY it means I waste NO Time worrying about the things I can't control but focusing on the things that I can. 

*Tip of the day: Stay Prepared For The Worst! 

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